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Once you have attended our workshop, you'll need to set up your business and obtain a license and bond. Here are our 20 Steps to Success:

OK, folks, here it is... Excelsior's road map to getting

your Freight Brokerage up and running...

1. Set up your Corporation or LLC using this link:

2. Next, get a Tax ID Number for your new company:

3. Then, apply for your Broker License by submitting our FMCSA OP-1

Questionnaire & BOC-3 Process Agent request form online:

4. Sign up for "License Watch" expedite service to get your license

faxed to you the day it is issued and get started 3-5 days sooner:

5. Next, contact Pacific Financial regarding complying with the

$10,000 bond/trust fund requirement by sending an email to:

[email protected] Scott will then call you.

6. Then, contact JD Factors by writing to

[email protected] to manage your cash flow. Robinn will

then call you.

7. Don't forget to do your UCR State broker registration:

8. Consider signing up for the Broker Assistance Plan ("BAP"). Then

you and I can work together on an ongoing basis to get-- and keep--

you on the right track!

9. Get your logo made up:

10. You're going to need business cards and stationery:

11. Need a website? Email [email protected] and we

will refer you.

12. To find spot market freight, sign up for Truckers' Edge:

13. Sign up for Transcore 3Sixty Express:

If you have questions, please email [email protected]

Bert will then call you. If Bert is unavailable, you'll be

contacted by his assistant "Ernie" (sorry, I just couldn't help myself).

14. Buy Hank Seaton's "Protecting Motor Carrier Interests in

Contracts" for the best Carrier Broker Contract templates:

15. Buy Entrepreneur Magazine's "Start Your Own Freight Brokerage

Business" how-to manual. Great resource guide:

16. To learn more about contigency cargo insurance traps, buy the

Bible of Transportation Law... the late Bill Augello's

"Transportation, Logistics & the Law":

17. Pre-order my book: "The Secret to Making Big Money in Trucking":

18. Use the manufacturer directory to find shippers near you:

19. Look for Government/Military Freight:

20. Join the new broker trade group AIPBA:

Here are some of my radio appearances and articles I have written that

may also help you:

Finding Freight:

Setting Freight Rates:

'Truckers' Right to Know' article for Women in Trucking:

Midnight Trucking Radio Network appearances:

Good luck!

James P. Lamb,

Freight Broker Training Instructor

Copyright 2010-2017 JPL Enterprises International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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