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"Can I really learn the basics

of freight brokering in just one day?"


"Yes, you can!"

Congratulations... you found us! You've probably come across those $2,500 to $4,500 week-long freight broker training programs. We know that might not fit your budget. So, we developed this concise, summarized, low-cost one day program to offer you value and an alternative to high-priced freight broker training. This is freight broker training in a nutshell, offered at just $399.

Click Here to request more information about this program or

call TOLL FREE Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM Eastern: (800) 761-7306


"Is this a good time to become a Freight Broker?"


"Now is actually the perfect time!"

We all know we've been dealing with tough times. But, there's good news! We've been monitoring the Consumer Confidence Index and it's up. New truck sales and truck tonnage are also up! As we move forward into economic recovery, NOW is a great time to set up your own freight brokerage so you can capitalize on the recovery; that is, as consumers have become more confident and have started to spend again, stores need trucks to restock shelves.In fact, we are currently in a capacity crisis as there are not enough trucks and drivers to handle existing freight volumes.

YOU can play an important role in America's economic recovery as a freight broker. Through freight brokering, you can help your country, truckers, shippers and yourself and your family get back on the right track and improve your quality of life. Best of all... our low-cost freight broker training program can even be FREE if you qualify*! Click Here to request more information about this program or call TOLL FREE Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM Eastern: (888) 414-1874.


"How much does it cost to set up a freight brokerage?"


Freight Brokerage Start-up Costs are under $2,000:

Accelerated, One-Day Classroom Training Workshop: $399

Freight Broker License & BOC-3 Process Agents: $750

2017 UCR State Registration: $184

(note: this includes a $108 third party service fee)

Surety Bond/Trust Fund: $550**

TOTAL: $1,883

Save $399 by viewing the on demand training program FREE

when you apply for your freight broker license through Excelsior Enterprises International and your Trust Fund through Pacific Financial!

Your TOTAL: $1,487

**With cash collateral ($950+ without).

The bond is an annual fee under most options.

UCR is an annual fee.

All other fees referenced are one-time fees.

"Cause there's a million ways to go.

You know that there are..."

 How are we different?


Most freight broker training programs are really recruitment drives for their own brokerages. At the end, they want you to work for them as agents where you'll earn just 50% of the profit. They'll probably even deter you from opening up your own (competing) brokerage. You might want to be an agent, but you deserve a choice.


We are not freight broker agent recruiters. We are licensed practitioners, admitted to practice before the USDOT & FMC. We'll show you exactly what you need to do to open up and legally operate your own successful freight brokerage so you will earn 100% of the profit. Why should you work for somebody else long term and help them get rich? Be your own boss and cut out the middle man, and you will make real money.

If you really want to start as an agent, then our Job Placement Assistance Program will help place you with a brokerage that is recruiting. If you are a broker looking to take on newly trained agents, contact us: info (at)

Our Instructor James P. Lamb provides new and veteran motor carriers, freight brokers, broker agents, owner-operators and shippers with an inexpensive, fast-paced introduction to the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be successful in the transportation industry. This program is conveniently delivered in a classroom setting at hotel conference rooms in cities near you, at Houston Community College, and at County College of Morris. We've even recorded the program so now it is available "on demand".


"What qualifies you to teach me freight brokering?"


"Workshop Instructor James P. Lamb, a USDOT Registered Transportation (Formerly ICC) Practitioner, knows both the regulatory aspects of brokering because he is a former DOT Investigator and the operational side because he has operated a freight brokerage of his own. He is a retained in house consultant to Excelsior Logistics. He offers balanced insight that will help you make more money and steer clear of trouble!"


Is it true Freight Brokering is One of the "Top 5 Businesses to Start in America," according to Entrepreneur Magazine!


Yes, because of:

*Low start up costs.

*Low operational costs when you work from home.

*Potential to make up to $200,000/year!

*Add agents and you can earn up to an additional $100,000 per year for each person who operates under your license!

"And if you want to say yes, say yes!"

So, are you ready to be your own boss, cut out the middle-man, and make more money? Then read on... We can show you how to make up to $200,000 a year selling motor carrier services! Best of all, it only takes one day to get up to speed! Click Here to request more information about this program or call TOLL FREE Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM Eastern: (888) 414-1874.

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