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Thank you for your interest in JPL's "Introduction to Freight Brokering" live and prerecorded training workshops. This is an intensive, one-day freight broker training program from 8AM to 5PM. Normally $499, this program is currently offered at just $399 for a limited time only. It is 'Phase One' of a recommended "Three Phase Plan for Success"

(download our FREE information packet below).

A pre-recorded version is now available through

or just $199, which means you can be training

within minutes of placing your order.

We cover exactly what you need to know to start and successfully operate your own brokerage, including the basics of motor carrier transportation, how to set up your brokerage, the Federal Regulations, how to talk to shippers and find freight during the Recovery (sales and marketing), how to find trucks, how to set marketable freight rates (freight rate development) and how to negotiate contracts with shippers and carriers. While other programs take a week or more to cover this material, we'll show you what you need to know in just one very intensive day to save you time and money. It's a no-nonsense course. Plus, we give you both the operational and regulatory perspectives to make sure you learn how to make big money and stay out of trouble...

This class is taught by renowned motivational speaker--USDOT Practitioner James P. Lamb, a former DOT regulator. James has been in the Industry for 18 years, since 1993. James has operated motor carrier, freight brokerage and international consulting businesses during his career. James is an adjunct instructor who teaches new entrepreneurs part-time at facilities around the USA, including at Houston Community College.

James is admitted to practice before the USDOT's STB and the FMC. He has been published in numerous trucking publications, including Transport Topics and a monthly column in Truckers' World. He has appeared as a guest speaker at annual Industry Trade Shows, including the Mid-America Trucking Show, the Great American Trucking Show, and the Las Vegas Truck Show. James' consulting company produced and managed the Orlando Truckers' Conference ("OTC") in 2007. He is often interviewed on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network when new regulations come down the pike. He takes calls from truckers live. He has consulted internationally and has worked with the Africa Road Transportation Forum. He is scheduled to release two new books: "The Secret to Starting and Operating a Freight Brokerage" in 2016 and "The Secret to Making Big Money in Trucking" in 2017.

James teaches all of our classes personally so this is the level of expertise

you will be exposed to should you decide to join us.

James is also the president of the trade group for small and mid-sized brokers, the Association of Independent Property Brokers & Agents ("AIPBA"). Visit for information.

James hopes that you will agree that this program is the Best Freight Broker Training Value in America. He hopes to see you in one of his upcoming classes or in our online "virtual classroom".

Register through this website or call (888) 414-1874.

Good luck!

JPLEnterprises International


"You only need to know."

Get the best value by choosing our one day freight broker class

before you enroll in a five day freight broker school.

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