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"The Seminar was very informative considering that I am new to this industry. James Lamb brought quite a bit of insight to me and I am very sure that I will be launching into this field."

-Shawnee F., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"OMG, this was part freight broker training and part stand-up comedy show. James knows how to keep the class' attention by using humor and repetitive jokes throughout the day. I'm not so sure I won't see him this Saturday night at the Tropicana! No one sleeps in this class. I'd go again just cause he's such a riot with Vinny and Earl and all his character voices!"

-Uliana B., Atlantic City, NJ

"Excellent workshop/training. Instructor spoke clearly and was always ready to answer questions. A lot of information for an 8 hr seminar. Thank you, keep up the good work."

-Ligia N., Long Beach, CA

"This was a great class to start off with. It gives me a good idea of what is going on. I think it was great."

-Zannaka H. MS

"Magnificent." On a scale from 1 to 5, Luke M. from Ca gives it a "10!"

"Very informative, great presentation"

-Krissy R., West Sacramento, CA

"Was very interesting, answered a lot of my questions"

-Elaine N., West Sacramento, CA

"James has answered any and all questions that I had in mind and I am really looking forward to getting my license your help."

-Ayeshia D., Antioch, CA

"All of the information was informative and helpful. I learned a lot in just one session and I would recommend this seminar to someone else."

-Kimberly H., Greenville MS

"I thought James was real good and did go slow enough so I could keep up. I would recommend him to others, thank you."

-Erwin P., Owen WI

"Well delivered presentation. I would like to be updated on future seminars."

-Nikolay K., Elmwood Park, IL

"I think the course was very informative. James is a very good presenter."

-Gary P., Steuss Point, WI

"As the owner of a trucking company, my husband and I pride ourselves on staying informed and actively seeking out new avenues of generating revenue. Your presentation supplemented and refreshed our current knowledge and taught us much more about the different facets of the trucking industry"

-Johanna C., Houston, TX

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